Chester Archaeological Society 
Contents of Journals, 1849–2015
This page is dedicated to the memory of John Tindall, 
a member of the Society who spent many hours assembling 
much of the information presented here
New Series (Vols 1–85, 1887-present)

Copies of volumes marked with an asterisk are still available.

Volume 85 (2015)*

  • I: Obituary
    • R Martin, 'George Storey 1927-2015', 1
  • II: Book Reviews
    • L Campbell, '1: Hillforts in the north-west and beyond edited byTom Saunders', 3-5
    • D Paton, '2: In search of Vikings: interdisciplinary approaches to the Scandinavian heritage of north-west England edited by Stephen E Harding, David Griffiths &Elizabeth Royles' 7-8
    • R Coppack, '3: The Magna Carta of Cheshire by Prof Emeritus Graeme J White, with a translation of the charter by Jonathan Pepler', 9-10
    • P Carrington, '4: Chester in the Great War by Susan Chambers' 11-14
    • P Carrington, '5: 'On Chester on: a history of Chester College and the University of Chester by Prof Emeritus Graeme J White', 15-18
  • C Allmand, 'III: The Handfords of Macclesfield hundred: a Cheshire family and military service in France  and Normandy in the fifteenth century', 19-37
  • M Nevell, 'IV: The industrial archaeology of Cheshire: an overview', 39-82
  • V: Notes
    • V Oakden & D Shotter, '1: The Acton hoard', 83-5
    • J Edwards, '2: Lea Manor Farm, Aldford 2013: a Roman rural settlement', 87-8
  • VI: Cheshire past in 2014
    • M Leah & J Edwards, 'Part 1: sites investigated', 89-97
    • V Oakden, 'Part 2: finds reported under the Portable Antiquities Scheme', 99-121
  • Council and Officers for the year 20014/15, 122

Volume 84 (2010-2014)*

  • I: Obituaries
    • R Williams, 'John Thomas Driver 1925-2013', 1
    • R Williams, 'Oliver Bott 1928-2013', 3
  • D Shotter, 'II: A rare Roman coin discovered at Mollington', 5-11
  • B Moore and others, 'III: Southworth Quarry, Winwick, 2013, excavation of a Roman rural settlement', 13-37
  • L Dodd and others, 'IV: Second Wood Street, Nantwich, 2003-4: excavation of a medieval and early post-medieval salt works', 39-110
  • S O'Neil, 'The Shotwick Court Rolls 1338-1344: a snapshot of peasant life and manorial administration in fourteenth-century Cheshire', 111-27
  • VI: Notes
    • M Leah, 'Oakhanger Farm, Haslington, Cheshire: summary recording of the eighteenth-century hall', 129-35
  • VII: Cheshire past in 2013
    • R Beckley & D Campbell, 'Part 1: sites investigated, recorded and protected', 137-49
    • V Oakden, 'Part 2: finds reported under the Portable Antiquities Scheme', 151-9
  • Council and Officers for the years 2009/10 to 2013/14, 161-9

Volume 83 (2009)* 

  • D Martlew, 'Book review I: The medieval  stained glass of Cheshire by P Hegbin-Barnes', 1–3
  • G Duckers, 'Book review II: Landscape history discoveries in the north-west by S Varey & G K White(eds)', 5–6
  • D Shotter, 'I: A further component of the Roman coin hoard from Agden, Cheshire and possible implication', 7–12
  • O. Cooper & G Speed, 'II: Town Farm Quarry, Norley, Cheshire',13–36
  • D Garner & M Reid, 'III: Roman Middlewich : reassessing its form, function and chronology', 37–93
  • List of contributors, 94
  • Council and officers for the year 2008/2009, 95
Volume 82 (2007/8)* 
  • M Reid, 'I: The early modern port of Chester', 1–19
  • C Hewitson & A Scruby, 'II: The development of the waterfront on the River Dee: excavations at New Crane Street, Chester', 21–66
  • G Nash, P Owen & G Martin, 'III: Archaeological investigations at Tilston's Yard, New Crane Street, Chester, 67–83
  • B Poole, 'IV: The River Dee, Roodee Cop and the workhouse: recent excavations', 85–107
  • L Dodd, 'V: Investigating crane bases at Crane Wharf, Chester', 109–13
  • List of contributors, 115
  • Council and officers for the year 2006/2007, 117
  • Council and officers for the year  2007/2008, 119
Volume 81 (2006)* 
  • In memoriam: Esmund Hawes, v
  • R Coppack, Review of J Laughton, Life in a late medieval city (2008), 1–3
  • L Dodd et al 'I: Excavation of a Roman roadside settlement at Stockton Heath, Warrington 2007', 5–64
  • R McGuicken, 'II: Castle in context: redefining the significance of Beeston Castle, Cheshire', 65–82
  • R McGuicken, 'III: Castle in context– An analysis of heritage interpretation and presentation at Beeston Castle, Cheshire', 83–91
  • Council and officers for the year 2005/2006, 93
Volume 80 (2005)*  
  • Obituary: Dr L G C Martin by R Williams, vii
  •                  Edwin Warwick by G R Storey, ix 
  • Book review I: J T Driver, Review of N Higham, A frontier landscape: the north-west in the Middle Ages, 1–3
  •                           R Coppack, Review of P H W Booth ed, The Record Society of Lancashire and Cheshire vol 138:  
                              Accounts of the manor of Macclesfield, Cheshire, Michaelmas 1361 to Michaelamas 1362 (2003)  
                              and  J Harrop & P Booth with S Harrop eds, The Record Society of Lancashire and Cheshire vol                             140: Extent of the Lordship of Longdendale 1360 (2005), 5–7 
  • I Archibald and Z Archibald, 'I: Treboeth - the burnt town: a preliminary investigation of early Christian to early modern industrial activity in Handbridge, Chester', 9–70
  • G Crawford-Coupe, 'II: The archaeology of Burton Point', 71–90
  • M Fradley, 'III Newhall Tower: the identification of the medieval castle and a nearby cropmark from aerial photographs', 91–7
  • L Hayes, 'IV: Excavation at the former Rylands Garage, City Road, Chester', 91–137 
  • J B Lewis, 'V: Chester King and Constitution Club 1817-circa 1824', 139–73
  • S Matthews, 'VI: William the Conqueror and Chester - the making of a myth: William the Conqueror's assault on Cheshire in 1070', 175–91
  • Council and officers for the year 2004/2005, 193
Volume 79 (2004-05)
  • Obituary: D M Kermode by J T Driver, v–vi
  • Book review I: R Williams, Review of V  & P Morgan, Prehistoric Cheshire (2004), 1–3
  • Book review II: D Robinson, Review of M Henig at al, Roman sculpture from the north-west midlands (2004), 5–7
  • Book review III: S Ward, Review of  R Heawood et al, Old Abbey farm, Risley: building survey with excavation of
    medieval moated site (2004), 9–11 
  • Boook Review IV: G M Muskett & J J Woodcock, Review of J Halstead, Bronze Age settlement in the Welsh
  •                                Marches   (2005), 13–14 
  • D Mullin, 'I: Neolithic stone axeheads from Cheshire', 15–24
  • M Reid et al 'II: Archaeological observations at Snow Hill car park, Nantwich, Cheshire', 25–36
  • N Herepath, 'III: Finds from Cheshire recorded by the Portable Antiquities Scheme 2004', 37–42
  • Council and officers for the year 2003/2004, 43
  • Index, 45
Volume 78 (2003-04)*  
  • Obituary: His Honour Judge J D Seys LLewelyn by J T Driver, vii–viii
  • M Nevell, 'I: The late Prehistoric and Romano-British settlement of the Mersey Basin: a study in marginality', 1–21
  • A Jones, 'II: Some unusual Roman antefixes from Chester', 23–47
  • D J P Mason, 'III: The Heronbridge Archaeological Research Project: an interim report on the 2002 and 2003 seasons of the Society's new fieldwork initiative', 49–106
  • S Matthews, 'IV: Viking settlement in the Wirral', 107–117
  • Council and officers for the year 2002/2003, 118
  • Index, 119–20
Volume 77 (2002-03) 
  • Obituaries: Dennis Petch by P Carrington, vii–viii
  •                    Canon Maurice Ridgway by P J Boughton, ix–x 
  • D Mullin, 'I: Grimston Ware. Examples of Early Neolithic pottery from north and east Cheshire', 1–8
  • N Fairburn and others, 'II: Brook House Farm, Bruen Stapleford: excavation of a first millennium BC settlement', 9–57
  • N Fairburn and others, 'III: Birch Heath, Tarporley: excavation of a rural Romano-British settlement', [58]–114
  • M Nevell, 'IV: Legh Oaks Farm, High Legh: the value of sample excavation on two sites of the Late Prehistoric and Roman periods', 115–29
  • R Heawood and others, 'V: Excavations at Warrington Friary 2000', 131–85
  • Council and officers for the year 2001/2002, 186
  • Index, 187–8
Volume 76 (2000-01)*
  • Obituaries: Gertrude Jones by J T Driver, v–vi
  •                    Graham Webster by D J Robinson, vii–ix 
  • K J Matthews, 'I: The Iron Age of north-west England: a socio-economic model', 1–51
  • S Penney & D C A Shotter, 'II: Further inscribed Roman salt pans from Shavington, Cheshire', 53–62
  • S Matthews, 'III: St John's church and the Early History of Chester', 63–80
  • N J Higham, 'IV: The Tatton Park project, part 3: the post-medieval estate and halls: grandeur to decline', 81–125
  • G Barnes, 'V: New bridge, new road, new church: the building of Grosvenor Street in Chester', 127–51
  • Council and officers for the year 1999/2000, 153
  • Council and officers for the year 2000/2001, 154
  • Index, 155
Volume 75 (1998–9)
  • C Howard-Davies & K Buxton, 'I: Excavations at Church  Moss, Davenham 1995-6: a post-glacial environmental sequence in mid-Cheshire', 1–17
  • D J Robinson, 'II: The Romans  and Ireland again: some thoughts on Tacitus' Agricola chapter 24', 19–31
  • D C A Shotter, 'III: Chester: the evidence of Roman coin loss', 33–50
  • D C A Shotter, 'IV: Middlewich: the evidence of Roman coin loss', 51–60
  • N J Higham, 'V: The Tatton Park project, part 2: the medieval estates, settlements and halls', 61–133
  • Council and officers for the year 1997/8, 134
  • Council and officers for the year 1998/9, 135
  • Index, 136–7
Volume 74 (1996–7)*  
  • Obituary: Alex Bruce by R Coppack, v
  • N J Higham & T Cane, 'I: The Tatton Park project, part 1: prehistoric to sub-Roman', 1–61 
  • T Austin, 'II: Viking-period Chester: an alternative perspective', 63–87
  • S Matthews, 'III: Archbishop Plegmund and the court of King Alfred 890–923', 89–113
  • M J B Hislop, 'IV: A medieval building contract from Storeton, Wirral', 115–21
  • Council and officers for the year 1995/6, 122
  • Council and officers for the year 1996/7, 123
  • Index, 124–6
Volume 73 (1994–5)  
  • J T Driver, 'I: Brian Ernest Harris (1933–1988): some personal recollections', 7–10
  • D J P Mason, 'II: "And the walls came tumbling down": excavations adjacent to the City Walls in St John Street 1988', 11–20
  • D F Petch, 'III: Cunedda and the foundation of Gwynedd', 21–30
  • S W Ward, 'IV: The archaeology of medieval Chester: a review', 31–62
  • A C Thompson, 'V: The annual eyre of the Justice of Chester c 1300–1450', 63–85
  • N J Tringham, 'VI: A visitation of Tarvin prebend, Cheshire, in 1317', 87–91
  • D A Johnson, 'VII: The Cheshire estates of the Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield in 1472–3', 93–6
  • J A Bruce, 'VIII: Giles Gilbert Scott and the Chester war memorial', 99–114
  • Council and officers for the years 1993/4 115–16 
  • Council and officers for the year 1994/5, 117–18
  • Index, 119–20
Volume 72 (1992–3)*  
  • M N Morris & T J Strickland, 'Foreword', 7–10
  • Obituary: Frederick Hugh Thompson (1923–95) by D F Petch', 11–13
  • G Lloyd-Morgan, 'The early growth of archaeology in Chester: 1849-95', 15–24
  • G Lloyd-Morgan, 'The Newstead years 1886–1947', 25–36
  • G A Webster, 'Reflections on archaeology and the creation of the Grosvenor Museum 1948-55', 37–47
  • F H Thompson, 'The education of an archaeologist in a time of change 1955-62', 49–56
  • D F Petch, 'Filling the gaps – a decade of growth 1962–73', 57–72
  • T J Strickland, 'Archaeology at the cross-roads: 1973–89 - interesting pastime or sober profession–', 73–93
  • M N Morris, 'The future of Chester's past: 1989–96', 95–107
  • Council and officers for the year 1991, 109–10
  • Council and officers for the year  1992, 111–12
  • Index, 113–16
Volume 71 (1991)*  
  • A T Thacker, 'Introduction: the earls and their earldom', 7–22
  • R H C Davis, 'Geoffrey Barraclough and the lure of charters', 23–36
  • C P Lewis, 'The formation of the Honor of Chester 1066-1100', 37–68
  • D Crouch, 'The administration of the Norman earldom', 69–96
  • J A Green, 'Earl Ranulf II and Lancashire', 97–108
  • P Dalton, 'Aiming at the impossible: Ranulf II Earl of Chester and Lincolnshire in the reign King Stephen', 109–136
  • M T J Webber, 'The scribes and handwriting of the original charters', 137–52
  • J G H Hudson, 'Diplomatic and legal aspects of the charters', 153–78
  • T A Heslop, 'The seals of the twelfth-century earls of Chester', 179–98
  • D Quin, 'A bibliography of the published works of Geoffrey Barraclough', 199–22
  • Notes on contributors, 223
  • Council and officers' reports for the 1989 and 1990, 224–6
  • Index, 227
Volume 70 (1987/8)  


  • D J Freke & R Holgate, 'Excavations at Winwick, Cheshire, in 1980, 1. Excavation of two second millenium BC mounds', 9–30
  • D J Freke & A T Thacker, 'Excavations at Winwick, Cheshire, in 1980, 2. The inhumation cemetery at Southworth Hall Farm, Winwick', 31–8
  • D W Griffiths, 'A group of late Anglo-Saxon hooked tags from Cheshire', 39–50
  • R McNeil & R C Turner, 'An architectural and topographical survey of Vale Royal Abbey', 51–80
  • S Ainsworth, P Everson & W R Wilson-North 'Two rectangular enclosures on Stamford Heath, Christleton, near Chester', 81–6
  • N J Higham, 'Hough Hall: the trial excavation of a moated platform in Mere township, Cheshire', 87–98
  • J W Laughton, 'The house that John built: a study of the building of a 17th-century house in Chester', 99–132
  • Notes on contributors, 133
  • Abstracts of proceedings, 134
  • P Morgan, 'Obituary: Professor John McNeal Dodgson (1928-90)', 135–6
  • Index, 137
Volume 69 (1986) 
  • P Carrington, 'The plan of the legionary fortress at Chester: further comparisons', 7–18
  • D J P Mason, 'The prata legionis at Chester', 19–44
  • R H White, 'Viking-period sculpture at Neston, Cheshire', 45–58
  • R C Turner, C B Sale & J A A Rutter 'A medieval garden at the Belgrave Moat, Cheshire', 59–78
  • D K Maxfield, 'Pardoners and property: John Macclesfield, 1351–1422, builder of Macclesfield Castle', 79–96
  • J C Grenville & R C Turner, 'Two timber-framed houses in Chester', 97–114
  • A N Brown ,J C Grenville & R C Turner 'Watergate Street: an interim report of the Chester Rows Research Project', 115–46
  • Notes on contributors, 147–8
  • Obituary: Dr B E Harris, 149–50
  • Annual report, 151-2
  • Index, 153
Volume 68 (1985)  
  • P Carrington, 'The Roman advance into the north-western Midlands before AD 71', 5–22
  • P Carrington, 'The plan of the legionary fortress at Chester: a reconsideration', 23–52
  • D J P Mason, 'The status of Roman Chester: a reply', 53–8
  • G R Stephens, 'The Roman aqeuduct at Chester', 59–70
  • G LLoyd-Morgan, 'Records of aurei from Chester', 71–8
  • S Ward, 'Recent work on the medieval wall of Chester', 79–84
  • J P Dodd, 'Domesday Cheshire: some agricultural connotations', 85–96
  • M J C Evans, 'The clergy of the City of Chester, 1630–1672', 97–124
  • G W Place, 'The repatriation of Irish vagrants from Cheshire 1750-1815', 125–42
  • A N Brown, B Howes & R C Turner, 'A medieval stone town house in Chester', 143–54
  • Abstract of proceedings, 155–7
  • Index, 158
Volume 67 (1984)  
  • B E Harris, 'The debate on the Rows', 7–16
  • T J Strickland, 'The Roman heritage of Chester', 17–36
  • S Ward, 'The Rows: the evidence from archaeology', 37–46
  • A M Kennett, 'The Rows in the city records', 47–54
  • J A Rutter, 'Lifestyle in the Rows, with particular reference to a collection of pottery from 11 Watergate Street, Chester, found in 1884', 55–76
  • A N Brown, 'The Rows debate: where next–', 77–84
  • The Rows conference, 85–6
  • Abstract of proceedings, 87–90
  • Index, 91
Volume 66 (1983)  
  • T J Strickland, 'The defences of Roman Chester: discoveries made on the East Wall 1983', 5–12
  • A C Waddelove & E Waddelove, 'Watling Street south of Chester', 13–22
  • M M Brown & D B Gallagher, 'An Anglo-Viking cross shaft from Thornton le Moors, Cheshire', 23–30
  • J M Maddison, 'The choir of Chester cathedral', 31–46
  • G W Place, 'Parkgate as a port', 47–56
  • M A R Ockrim, 'Thomas Harrison and the rebuilding of Chester Castle: A history and reassessment', 57–76
  • Abstract of proceedings, 77–80
  • Index, 81
Volume 65 (1982)*  
  • T J Strickland, 'Chester: excavations in the Princess Street/Hunter Street area,1978-1982. a first report on discoveries of the Roman period', 5–24
  • T J Strickland, 'The defences of Roman Chester: a note on discoveries made on the North Wall, 1982', 25–36
  • M J Green, 'Tanarus, Taranis and the Chester altar', 37–44
  • E H Brotherton-Ratcliffe, 'Some recent discovered tile variations at Little Moreton Hall, Cheshire', 45–58
  • J P Dodd, 'John Stanley Warrener, c 1583–1639', 59–66
  • C Hargreaves, 'Social areas within the walls of Chester, 1861', 67–76
  • Abstract of proceedings, 77–80
  • Index, 81
Volume 64 (1981)*  
  • N J Alldridge, 'Aspects of the topography of early medieval Chester', 5–31
  • J P Dodd, 'The growth of a middle class in Frodsham manor 1300–60', 32–40
  • G Lloyd-Morgan, 'Jet and shale in the archaeological collections of the Grosvenor Museum, Chester', 41–6
  • G Warrington, 'The copper mines of Alderley Edge and Mottram St Andrew, Cheshire', 47–73
  • Abstract of proceedings, 74–8
  • Index, 79
Volume 63 (1980)*
  • T J Strickland, 'First century Deva: some evidence reconsidered in the light of recent archaeological discoveries', 5–14
  • J C Mc Peake, M Bulmer & J A Rutter 'Excavations in the garden of No 1 Abbey Green, Chester 1975-77: interim report', 15–38
  • G Lloyd-Morgan, 'Further antique mirrors from Cheshire collections', 39–42
  • A R Myers, 'Tudor Chester', 43–58
  • S W Baskerville, 'The establishment of the Grosvenor interest in Chester 1710-48', 59–84
  • P Howell, 'The other "Harrison of Chester"', 85–94
  • M H Ridgway, 'The early plate of Chester cathedral', 95–108
  • Obituary: Professor Alexander Reginald Myers (1912–80), 109–11
  • Abstract of proceedings, 112–16
  • Index, 117
Volume 62 (1979)  
  • M Bulmer, 'An introduction to Roman samian ware, with special reference to collections in Chester and the north west', 5–72
  • P H W Booth, '"Farming for profit" in the fourteenth century: the Cheshire estates of the earldom of Chester', 73–90
  • P Edwards, 'The horse trade of Chester in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries', 91–106
  • A M Kennett, 'The history of the City Record Office at Chester', 107–118
  • Abstract of proceedings, 119–22
  • Index, 123
Volume 61 (1978) 
  • P R Hough, 'Excavations at Beeston Castle 1975–1977', 1–24
  • G Lloyd-Morgan, 'Some small Roman bronzes in the Grosvenor Museum, Chester', 25–32
  • J A Rutter, 'A pit group from Barton village, Cheshire, and an unprovenanced curfew fragment in the Grosvenor Museum, Chester', 33–8
  • G P Higgins, 'The militia in early Stuart Cheshire', 39–50
  • B E Harris, 'A nineteenth-century Cheshire historian: John Parsons Earwaker 1847–1895', 51–60
  • S Harrison, 'The Reverend Samuel Cooper Scott and his diary', 61–78
  • M H Ridgway, 'Church plate of the diocese of Chester (part ii)', 79–96
  • Obituary: Dame Kathleen Kenyon, 96
  • Abstract of proceedings, 97
  • Index, 102
Volume 60 (1977)  
  • G Rowley, 'The excavation of a barrow at Woodhouse Lane, Gawsworth, near Macclesfield', 1–34
  • P Carrington, 'The planning and date of the Roman legionary fortress at Chester', 35–42
  • M Henig, 'Some notes on gems and finger rings in the Grosvenor Museum', 43–8
  • G Lloyd-Morgan, 'Mirrors in Roman Chester', 49–55
  • B Edwards, 'A Chester Mithraic figure recovered–', 56–60
  • P Greene & P Hough, 'Excavation in the medieval village of Norton 1974-1976 (part i)', 61–93
  • A Leigh, P Davey, D Morgan & T Pierce 'Excavations at St Elphin's rectory,Warrington', 94–128
  • M Ridgway, 'Church plate of the diocese of Chester (part i)', 129–46
  • Index, 147
Volume 59 (1976) 
  • P J Davey, 'The distribution of Bronze Age metalwork from Lancashire and Cheshire', 1–13
  • D J P Mason, 'Chester: the evolution and adaptation of its landscape', 14–23
  • D J P Mason, 'Chester southerly by-pass 1975 (Excavations near Eaton Road, Eccleston)', 24–30
  • D F Petch, 'An inscription from Chester', 31–4
  • M Henig, 'An intaglio from Chester', 35–6
  • P H Alebon, P J Davey & D J Robinson 'The Eastgate, Chester 1972', 37–49
  • L Laing, 'Some pagan Anglian finds from Deeside', 50–1
  • J P Greene, L Keen & B Noake, 'The decorated mosaic tile floor from Warrington Friary: a reassessment', 52–9
  • L Keen, 'Baguley Hall Manchester', 60–5
  • J H Harvey, 'Two early nurseries: Knowsley, Lancs and Knutsford, Cheshire', 66–83
  • Index, 84
Volume 58 (1975)  
  • M Buchanan et al, 'Watling Street in the grounds of Eaton Hall', 1–14
  • D F Petch, 'Excavations in Eaton Road, Eccleston, Chester', 15–40
  • D J Robinson & T E Ward, 'Excavatons on the site of the Chester telephone exchange extension, 1971', 41–6
  • T Ward, 'Excavations in Goss Street, Chester, 1971', 47–52
  • T Ward & D G Wilson, 'Goldsmith House site, Goss Street, Chester, 1972', 53–68
  • E H Brotherton-Ratcliffe, 'Excavations at Grange Cow Worth, Ellesmere Port,1966 and 1967', 69–80
  • E H Brotherton-Ratcliffe, 'Motorway Archaeology, M56, 1973', 81–4
  • A Brown et al 'Excavations at Halton Brow, Runcorn, 1967', 85–90
  • P V Webster, 'The later Roman occupation at Wilderspool', 91–2
  • D Hill & D Wilson, 'Frontier dykes in the Wrexham area, recent work, 1972', 93–6
  • P Greene, 'A crop mark in Cilcain parish, West Flintshire, 1972 and 1973', 97–8
  • B E Harris, 'Ranulph III, Earl of Chester', 99–114
  • J S Morrill, 'William Davenport and the "silent majority" of early Stuart England', 115–30
  • Obituary: B T Williams, 131–2
  • Abstract of proceedings, 133–44
  • Index, 145
Volume 57 (1970/1) 
  • Obituary: The Ven R V H Burne,1–2
  • D F Petch, 'Excavations on the site of the Old Market Hall, Chester, second summary report 1968-70. With an appendix on a slate-cut inscription by D F Petch and D J Robinson', 3–26
  • J T Driver, 'The Mainwarings of Over Peover: a Cheshire family in the fifteenth and early sixteenth century', 27–40
  • F O'Gorman, 'The Chester election of 1784', 41–50
  • C D Rogers, 'The case against the school boards of Cheshire 1870–1902', 51–64
  • Abstract of proceedings, 65–76
  • Index, 77
Volume 56 (1969)*  
  • F H Thompson, 'Excavations at Linenhall Street, Chester, 1961–2', 1–22
  • G D Squibb, 'The Deputy Heralds of Chester', 23–36
  • R Sherlock, 'Chandeliers by Chester brassfounders', 37–48
  • Abstract of proceedings, 49–54
  • Index, 55
Volume 55 (1968) 
  • D F Petch, 'The praetorium at Deva', 1–6
  • V Nutton, 'A Greek doctor at Chester', 7–14
  • D F Petch, 'Earth-moving machines and their employment on archaeological excavations', 15–28
  • J McN Dodgson, 'Place-names and street-names at Chester', 29–62
  • H Robinson, 'Cheshire river navigations with special reference to the River Dee', 63–88
  • Obituary: Miss A F Estelle Dyke, 89–90
  • Abstract of proceedings,  91–6
  • Index, 97
Volume 54 (1967)  
  • F H Thompson, 'Excavations in Bolland's Court, Chester,1954 and 1959', 1–4
  • F H Thompson, 'Excavations at Castle Hill, Oldcastle, near Malpas, 1957', 5–8
  • F H Thompson, 'Excavations at Woolworth's, Chester, 1959', 9–20
  • F H Thompson, 'Notes on two Chester building sites, 1960', 21–2
  • D Sylvester, 'Parish and township in Cheshire and NE Wales', 23–36
  • D Nuttall, 'A history of printing in Chester', 37–96
  • Abstract of proceedings, 97–101
  • Rules as approved 1 October 1966, 102–4
  • Index, 105
Volume 53 (1966)  
  • M H Ridgway, 'Chester Goldsmiths: From early times to 1726', 1–198
  • Obituary: Gerald, Fourth Duke of Westminster, 199

  •                Philip Hugh Lawson, 199–202 
                   David Morgan Evans, 201–2 
  • Abstract of proceedings, 203–8
  • List of members, 209
Volume 52 (1965)  
  • D B Kelly, 'Excavations at Watergate House, Chester, 1959', 1v22
  • K E Jermy et al 'King Street - A Roman road in central Cheshire', 23–6
  • S M Rutland, 'St Mary's nunnery, Chester 1964. An interim report', 27–32
  • R V H Burne, ' The treatment of the poor in the eighteenth century in Chester', 33–48
  • Abstract of proceedings, 49–54
  • List of members, 55–60
  • Index, 61
Volume 51 (1964) 
  • J B Whitwell & S M McNamee, 'Excavations in Foregate Street', 1–20
  • A J Farrington, 'A note on Gherbod the Fleming', 21–2
  • M H Ridgway, 'The medieval parclose screens from Bunbury church', 23–30
  • B C Redwood, 'Audlem Free Grammar School', 31–54
  • Monumental inscriptions at St Bridget's, St Martin's and Matthew Henry's Chapel, Chester', 55–76
  • Obituary: Thomas Keith-Hill, 77

  •                Marjorie Venables Taylor, 78 
  • Abstract of proceedings, 79–82
  • List of members, 83–9
  • Index, 90
Volume 50 (1963)  
  • K E Jermy, 'The Roman road in Wirral', 1-2
  • T Jones, 'The "Mabinogion" and "The four branches of the Mabinogi"', 3–14
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  • Abstract of proceedings, 27–30
  • List of members, 31–7
  • Index, 38
Volume 49 (1962)  
  • F H Tompson, 'Infirmary Field excavations, 1957', 1–4
  • F H Tompson, 'Excavations in Nicholas Street, 1957', 5–8
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  • Miscellanea: Stone axe-hammer from Norbury, 57

  •                     Stone axe-hammer from Pinsley Green, 57 
                        Flint arrow-head from Thurstaston, 57  
                        Roman spindle-whorl from Hartford, 57 
                        Finds from the River Dee,57–8 
                        Roman finds from Newgate Street, 59 
                        Finds from Bridge Street, 59  
                        Late Saxon pin from Linenhall Street, 59 
                        Finds from Liverpool Road, 59 
                        Scottish ring-brooch from Mancot, 59 
                        Coins - various, 60 
  • Abstract of proceedings, 61
  • Index, 66
Volume 48 (1961)  
  • K E Jermy, 'The Roman road in Wirral', 1–14
  • M St J Way, 'Watling south of Aldford', 15–24
  • F H Thomson, ' Notes on Roman roads in Cheshire', 25–6
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  • Miscellanea: Flint knife from Ruabon Mountain, 43

  •                     Flint arrow-head from Bickerton Hill, 43 
                        Bronze Age burial from Beech Hall, Macclesfield, 43–4 
                        Supposed barrow in Dunham New Park, 45 
                        Coins - various, 45 
  • Abstract of proceedings, 47–50
  • List of members, 51–8
  • Index, 59
Volume 47 (1960)  
  • R V H Burne, 'Life in St Werburgh's Abbey in the fourteenth century', 1–8
  • H E Boulton, 'The Chester Infirmary', 9–20
  • R C Gwilliam, 'The building of the present Town Hall, Chester', 21–32
  • Miscellanea: Stone axe-hammer from Old Withington, near Macclesfield, 33

  •                     Fragments of Roman military diploma from Middlewich, 33 
                        Roman wall in Lower Bridge Street, 34 
                        Roman pottery from Foregate Street, 35 
                        Stone piscina from Aldford, 35 
                        Finds from Bangor-on-Dee, 36 
                        Coins - various, 36 
  • Abstract of proceedings, 39–42
  • Index, 43
Volume 46 (1959)  
  • M H Ridgway & D J Cathcart King, 'Beeston Castle, Cheshire', 1–24
  • A H Burne, 'Offa's Dyke - boundary or barrier–', 25–32
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  • F H Thompson, 'Excavation in Weaver Street', 69–72
  • W J Williams, 'The fortress of Deva', 73–8
  • Miscellanea: Perforated stone hoe from Stockport, 79

  •                     Socketed bronze axe and Roman altar from Helsby, 79 
                        Roman lead weight from Christleton, 80 
                        Coins -various, 80 
                        Quern stone from Bridge Trafford, 80 
                        Medieval cellar in St John Street, Chester, 81–2 
  • Abstract of proceedings, 83–6
  • List of members, 87–93
  • Index, 94
Volume 45 (1958)  
  • P H Lawson & J T Smith, 'The Rows of Chester: two interpretations', 1–42
  • J W Clarke, 'The building of the Grosvenor Bridge', 43–56
  • D F Renn, 'The Water Tower at Chester', 57–60
  • D J C King, 'The donjon of Flint', 61–70
  • Miscellanea: Hammer-stone from Agden, nr Altrincham, 71

  •                     Bronze razor from Holywell, 71 
                        Brooches from Lloyds Bank, Chester, 72 
                        Coins - various (Agden hoard), 72–4 
  • Abstract of proceedings, 75–8
  • List of members, 79–85
  • Index, 86
Volume 44 (1957)  
  • R V H Burne, 'Chester under the Black Prince', 1–18
  • G Webster & K Barton, 'An 18th-century rubbish pit, Trinity Street, 1953', 19–28
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  • Miscellanea: Stone axe from Kingsley,  51

  •                     Stone axe from Oxton, 52 
                        Circular hammer-stone from Frodsham, 53 
                        Flint arrowhead from Marton, 53 
                        Finds on County Offices site, Chester, 53 
                        Coins - various, 53 
                        Quillon dagger from Congleton, 64 
                        Congleton hoard, 55–6 
  • Abstract of proceedings, –57–62
  • List of members, 63–8
  • Index, 69
Volume 43 (1956)  
  • R V H Burne, 'Chester Cathedral, 1787–1837', 1–26
  • G Webster, 'Excavation of the Roman remains east of Trinity Street, 1950–1953', 27–34
  • D Tudor Jones, 'The ancient chapel of the Lords of Cholmondeley', 35–46
  • Miscellanea: Worked flints from Hoole, 47

  •                     Roman lead weight from Alvanley, 47 
                        Roman building in Pepper Street, Chester, 48 
                        Pilgrim's flask fom Meols, 48 
                        Medieval chalice from Pulford, 49 
  • Obituary: F H Crossley, 50–1

  •                J H E Bennett, 52 
  • Abtstract of proceedings, 54–8
  • List of members, 59–64
  • Index, 65
Volume 42 (1955)  
  • R H M Dolley, 'The mint of Chester (part i)', 1–20
  • R V H Burne, 'Chester cathedral in the eighteenth century (part ii)', 21–44
  • G Webster, 'A section through the legionary defences on the west side of the fortress', 45–7
  • Miscellanea: An expanding flint axe from Lyme Park, 48
  • Abstract of proceedings, 49
  • List of members, 53–4
  • Index, 55
Volume 41 (1954)  
  • B R Hartley, 'Heronbridge excavations: bronze-worker's hearth', 1–14
  • B R Hartley & K F Kaine, ' Roman dock and buildings', 15
  • R V H Burne, 'Chester Cathedral in the eighteenth century', 39–62
  • J W Clarke, 'Mollington Hall', 63–67
  • A F E Dyke, 'St Peter's parish boundaries', 79–84
  • Miscellanea: A perforated stone axe from Bexton, 85

  •                     A perforated stone axe from Edge, 85 
                        A Roman capital, 85 
                        Roman material from the Bars, 85–7 
                        A Roman coin from Saighton, 88 
                        Roman pottery found at Middlewich, 88 
                        The Telephone Exchange site, St John's Street, 89–91 
                        A medieval timber road at Nantwich, 92 
  • Abtract of proceedings, 93
  • List of members, 97
  • Index, 105
Volume 40 (1953)  
  • G Webster, 'Excavations on the legionary defences at Chester, 1949-52 (part ii)', 1–24
  • R V H Burne, 'Chester Cathedral after the Restoration', 25–54
  • J W Clarke, 'The Chester Scholars or the Gentlemen Bellringers of St John's', 55–62
  • Miscellanea: Worked flints from Frodsham, 63

  •                     Stone axe-hammer from Beeston, 63 
                        Prehistroic and later finds from Ashton, 63 
                        A bronze palstave of an Italian type, 63 
                        Roman coin found at Romily, 64 
                        Roman coins found near Chester, 64 
                        A stamped tile and pottery from Reaseheath Hall, 64 
                        Medieval spade found near the Eastgate, 66 
                        A late medieval purse mount, 66 
  • Abstract of proceedings, 67–72
  • List of members, 73–80
  • Index, 81
Volume 39 (1952)  
  • B R Hartley, 'Excavations at Heronbridge, 1947-48', 1–20
  • G Webster, 'Excavations on the legionary defences at Chester 1945–52 (part i)', 21–8
  • J H E Bennett, 'The Black Friars of Chester', 29–58
  • R V H Burne, 'The history of Chester cathedral in the reigns of James I and Charles I', 59–92
  • M J Groombridge, 'The city gilds of Chester', 93–108
  • Miscellanea: Polished stone axe from Ashton Brook, 109

  •                    Granite axe from Hollowmore Heath, 109 
                       Cinerary urn from Kelsall, 110 
                       Palstave from Great Sutton, 110 
                       Roman coin from Antrobus, 110 
                       Roman lead weight from Chester, 110 
                       A decorated lead spindle-whorl from Tarvin, 111 
                       A medieval tile from Linenhall Street, Chester, 111 
  • Abstract of proceedings, 112–16
  • List of members, 117–22
  • Index, 123
Volume 38 (1951)  
  • I A Richmond & G Webster, 'Excavations in Goss Street, Chester, 1948-9', 1–38
  • G Webster, 'Chester in the Dark Ages', 39–48
  • R V H Burne, 'Chester Cathedral in the reigns of Mary and Elizabeth', 49–94
  • J R Beresford, 'The churchwardens' accounts of Holy Trinity, Chester, 1532 to 1633', 95–172
  • Miscellanea: Stone implements in Cheshire, 173

  •                     Roman walling under Northgate Brewery, 174–5 
                        Roman column from Commonhall Street, 176 
                        Roman inscription found in Watergate Street, 176 
                        A Roman lead weight, 176–8 
  • Abstract of proceedings, 179–84
  • List of members, 185–90
  • Index, 191
Volume 37 (ii) (1949)  
  • F H Crossley & J C Wolley Dod, 'An architectural histroy of the church of Malpas in the County of Cheshire',
  • E Dyke, 'Chester's earliest directories',
  • A J Taylor, 'The cloister of Vale Royal Abbey',
  • Miscellanea: The foundation-date of the churches of St Werburgh and St Peter in Chester,

  •                     The Old Bishop's Palace, Chester, 
Volume 37 (i) (1948)  
  • R V H Burne, 'The dissoution of St Werburgh's abbey', 5–36
  • R V H Burne, 'The founding of Chester Cathedral', 37–68
  • J H E Bennett, 'The Old Bishop's Palace, Chester', 69–106
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  • M H Ridgway & G B Leach, 'Further notes on the glasshouse site at Kingswood, Delamere, Cheshire', 133–40
  • F H Crossley, 'A disputed Cheshire will of the early 17th century', 141
Volume 36 (ii) (1948)  
  • R Newstead, 'Records of archaeological finds', 49–172
  • E Birley, 'The status of Roman Chester', 173–7
  • Miscellanea: The Chester property of the Nunnery of St Mary, Clerkenwell, in the twelfth century, 178

  •                     Scottish coin and gold ring finds, 179 
  • Obituary: R Newstead, 180–1
  • Abstract of proceedings, 182–90
  • List of members, 191–5
  • General archaeological index, 196
  • Index of names, 197–9
Volume 36 (i) (1946)  
  • R V H Burne, 'The falling towers of St John Baptist's church, Chester', 5–20
  • A F E Dyke, 'A Cestrian looks at Watergate Street', 21–30
  • E J D Morrison, 'The hearth tax in Chester', 31–43
  • Miscellanea, 44–7
Volume 35 (ii) (1945)  
  • F H Crossley, 'Fourteenth-century steeple-building in Cheshire and surrounding districts', 65–165
  • Obituary: Canon R A Thomas, 166

  •                W H Evans, 167–8 
  • Abstract of proceedings, 1940–1944, 169–77
  • List of members, 178–81
  • Index of anmes, 182–86
Volume 35 (i) (1942)  
  • F H Crossley, 'Post-Reformation church building in Cheshire during the 17th and 18th centuries', 1–48
  • C E Stevens, 'Notes on Roman Chester', 49–52
  • 'Some surprise finds of prehistoric and Roman periods from Ashton, near Chester', 53–62
  • Obituary – Frank Simpson, 63–4
Volume 34 (ii) (1940)  
  • F H Crossley, 'The renaissance of Cheshire church building in the late fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries', 53–155
  • C W Baty, 'Note on tracery designs amd their relation to subjects in painted glass', 156–60
  • Abstract of proceedings and accounts, 1939, 161–8
  • List of members, 166–9
  • Index, 170
Volume 34 (i) (1939)  
  • R Newstead & J P Droop, 'Excavations at Chester, 1939: the Princess Street clearance area', 5–45
  • List of subscribers, 46
Volume 33 (1939)  
  • [R Newstead], 'Records of archaelogical finds', 5–117
  • [...], 'The rebellion of Sir George Booth', 118–37
  • [...], 'Monastic influence on the construction of parochial churches', 138–49
  • Reports of Council, 1937, 1938, 150–6
  • Balance sheets 1937, 1938, 157–8
  • List of members, 159–63
  • General index, 164
  • Indeex of names and places, 165–7
Volume 32 (ii) (1938)  
  • F H Crossley, 'Cheshire churches in the twelfth century',
  • J H E Bennett, 'The hospital and chantry of St Ursula the Virgin of Chester' 
Volume 32 (i) (1937)  
  • F H Crossley, 'On the importance of fourteenth-century planning in the construction of the churches of Cheshire', 5–52
  • J C Dewshurst, 'The Quarter Sessions records of the County Palatine of Chester', 53–63
  • T S Willan, 'Chester and the navigation of the Dee', 64
Volume 31 (ii) (1936)  
  • F H Crossley, 'Cheshire church towers', 89–112
  • W J Varley, 'Maiden Castle, Bickerton' 113–21
  • Abstract of proceedings and balance sheets, 122–8
  • Donations to library, 129
  • Review, 130–1
  • Publications received in exchange, 132
  • List  of members, 133–7
  • Index, 138–44
Volume 31 (i) (1935)  
  • H E Bennett, 'The White Friars of Chester', 5–54
  • A L Browne, 'Sir John Throckmorton of Feckenham, Chief Justice of Chester', 55–71
  • G C Whittick & J A Smythe, 'Note on four Roman leads from the Grosvenor Museum', 72–5 
  • Miscellanea, 76–7 
  • Review, 78–9
  • Obituary, 80–3
  • Index of names and places, 84–8
Volume 30 (ii) (1933)  
  • R Stewart-Brown, 'The Old Dee Bridge',
  • F Simpson, 'The Newgate',
  • F H Crossley, ' On the constructional design of church timber roofs in Cheshire, Denbighshire and Flintshire', 
  • W J Williams, 'The Roman ditch at Heronbridge',
  • Miscellanea: Bovium,
Volume 30 (i) (1933)  
  • J A Petch et al 'Excavations at Heronbridge (1930-31)' 
  • W J Williams, 'The Watling Street at Heronbridge' 
  • Miscellanea 
Volume 29 (1932)  
  • R Newstead & J P Droop,  'The Roman amphitheatre at Chester', 1–40, frontispiece and pls 1–xvi 
  • R Newstead & J P Droop,  'The S.E. corner of the Roman fortress, Chester', 41–9, pls xvi–xx
  • W J Varley, 'Early man in the Cheshire Plain', 50–65
  • Miscellanea, 66–72
  • Obituary (Rev F G Slater), 73–4
  • Reports of Council, 1929, 1930, 1931, 75–83
  • Balance Sheets, 1929, 1930, 1931, 84–6
  • List of members, 87–91
  • General index, 92–3
  • Index of names, 94–5 
Volume 28 (ii) (1929)  
  • J Brownbill, 'The Troutbeck family' 
  • H T Dutton, 'The Stuart kings and Chester Corporation' 
  • J H E Bennett, ' A letter of confraternity of the Grey Friars, Chester' 
  • Miscellanea 
  • Obituaries 
Volume 28 (i) (1928)  
  • G P Crawford, 'The diary of George Booth of Chester, and Katherine Howard, his daughter, of Boughton, near Chester, 1701-1764'
  • G P Crawford, 'The family of Proby in Chester and Ireland'
  • F Simpson, 'A few Cheshire worthies' 
  • Lord Archbishop of Wales, 'Druidism' 
Volume 27 (ii) (1928)  
  • R Newstead, 'Records of archaeological finds at Chester'
  • P H Lawson, 'Schedule of the Roman remains of Chester, with maps and plans' 
  • Miscellanea 
  • Obituary: H Taylor 
Volume 27 (i) (1926)  
  • F Simpson, 'The 13th-century crypt, Bridge Street, Chester'
  • F Simpson, 'The Royal Oak inn, Chester'
  • H J Hewitt, 'Communications and transport in medieval Cheshire' 
Volume 26 (ii) (1925)  
  • F Simpson, 'Chester Castle, AD 907-1925' 
  • P H Lawson, 'The Commonplace Book of John Crewe of Utkinton, Co Chester, circa 1640-1650' 
  • R G Collingwood, 'Jupiter Tanarus' 
Volume 26 (i) (1925)  
  • A G K Hayter, 'Report on Roman potters' marks found in Chester' 
  • H J Hewitt, 'The trade of Chester in the reign of the three Edwards' 
  • Miscellanea 
Volume 24 (ii) (1922)  
  • P H Lawson, 'Family memoranda of the Stanleys of Alderley, 1590-1601 and 1621-1627' 
  • W J Williams, 'The cult of Mithra in Deva' 
  • J T Davies & F W Longbottom, 'Catalogue of the Roman coins in the Chester Museum' 
Volume 24 (i) (1921)  
  • J H E Bennet, 'The Grey Friars of Chester' 
Volume 23 (1920)  
  • F G Wright, 'Chester Blue Coat Hospital' 
  • J H E Bennett, 'Arms and inscriptions sometime in the church of Saint Bridget, Chester' 
  • W F J Timbrell, 'The medieval stall-end in Hawarden parish church, and contemporary panels in Eastham church' 
  • R H Linker, 'A short account of the life of George Clarke, Lieutenant-Govenor of New York, 1736-1745' 
  • Obituary: F J Haverfield 
  • Review: A Cheshire parish, being a short history of Ince
Volume 22 (1918)  
  • H Taylor, 'A deed of transfer of family property by Randle Holme III, and Randle Holme IV in 1690'
  • P H Lawson, 'On five letters of Henry Maynwaring of Chester, Merchant, to Thomas Trafford of Bridge Trafford, Co Chester, 1588-9'
  • J C Bridge, 'Kenrick Edisbury (Surveyor of the Navy, 1632-1638), and his descendants; being a brief account of the family of Edisbury of Marchwiel, Co Denbigh'
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  • R M Montgomery, 'Some early deeds relating to land on the north side of Eastgate Street, Chester'
  • G W Haswell, 'The abbey church of Saint Werburgh, Chester, in pre-Norman times'
  • Chester artists
  • W W Tasker, 'Matthew Henry's chapel'
  • J H E Bennett, 'Hatton Hall'
  • Obituary: R H Morris
  • Review: County folkore 
Volume 21 (1915)  
  • F Simpson, 'Leche House' 
  • Exhibition 
  • H Taylor, 'Chester's oldest newspaper' 
  • J H E Bennett, 'Cheshire and "The Fifteen"' 
  • J Hall, 'Chester newspapers about one hundred years ago' 
  • M Parry, 'Chester Welsh painting' 
  • F Simpson, 'The City Guilds of Chester: the Skinners and Feltmakers' Company' 
  • L M Farrall, 'Holy Trinity church, Chester: records of three centuries' 
  • Archdeacon Barber, 'Chester cathedral: the recent work in the cloisters and refectory' 
  • Obituary 
  • Review: Registers of a city church 
Volume 20 (1914)  
  • F Simpson, 'The City Gilds of Chester: the Smiths, Cutlers and Plumbers' Company'
  • R Stewart, 'Notes on the Chester hand or glove'
  • J Hall, 'Two letters by the Beverley family of Huntingdon, near Chester'
  • J C Bridge, 'Items of expenditure from the 16th-century accounts of the Painters, Glaziers, Embroiderers and Stationers' Company, with special reference to the Shepherds'Play"'
  • J H E Bennet, 'Two Elizabethan chamberlains of the Palantinate of Chester'
  • Exhibitional evening
  • H Taylor, 'A Roman Centurion of the 20th Legion'
  • Miscellanea 
Volume 19 (i and ii) (1912-13)  
  • F Simpson, 'Cilcain and its parish church'
  • J C Bridge, 'The organists of Chester cathedral: Part I, 1541 to 1644; Part II, 1663 to 1877'
  • J H E Bennett, 'The Berringtons of Cheshire'
  • M V Taylor, 'The 16th-century Abbots of St Werburghs, Chester: some notes on documents relating to the Abbey and other religious houses of Cheshire; and a medieval guide book to Chester'
  • H Cooke, 'The ancient abbey of Vale Royal'
  • Obituary: F Sanders
  • Miscellanea 
Volume 18 (1911)  
  • E Barber, 'Parkgate: an old Cheshire port'
  • J Hall, 'Royal charters and grants to the City of Chester'
  • R C Bosanquet, 'On a Roman urn from Wroxeter in the Grosvenor Museum, and other pottery of the 1st century AD'
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  • E Barber, 'Ancient boat in Baddiley Mere'
  • Obituary: T S Gleadowe; W Shone
  • Miscellanea 
Volume 17 (1910)  
  • E Barber, 'The trade and customs of Chester in the 17th and 18th Centuries as shown in some old parish registers'
  • J Hall, 'The Feodary's returns for Cheshire in the18th Elizabeth, 1576'
  • F G Slater, 'The story of Ince in the 18th century; extracted from the parish records and other sources'
  • E Barber, 'The baptistery of the cathedral'
  • J Hall, 'Report on the Earwaker MS collection in the Grosvenor Museum library, Chester'
  • Chester pageant 1910
  • Inventory of Chester Corporation plate, insignia, and regalia
  • In memoriam: T N Brushfield
  • Miscellanea: The painting in the south aisle of the church of St Mary-on-the-Hill, Chester; Frescoes in Chester Cathedral 
Volume 16 (1909)  

Part i  

  • R Newstead, 'On a recently discovered section of the Roman wall at Chester'
Part ii  
  • H Lloyd, 'The Pentice and other ancient law courts in Chester'
  • H Taylor, 'On the discovery of three documents furnishing additional evidence relating to the family of the Randle Holmes of Chester'
  • H G Slater, 'Some early 18th century brasses in Ince church'
  • E Barber, 'St.Plegmund; and his connection with Cheshire'
  • P T Godsal, 'The Conquest of Britain by the Angles; in the light of military science'
  • E Barber, 'Chester cathedral: the mosaics' 
  • Miscellanea: Visit of the Cambrian Archaeological Association; A preliminary note on the Roman remains discovered in Chester during the year 1909; On the Roman remains discovered on the site of Allen's Buildings, Bridge Street 
Volume 15 (1909)  
  • Earl Egerton of Tatton, 'The Cheshire gentry in 1715: drawn from the Ashley Hall portraits at Tatton'
  • J C Bridge ed, 'The diary of Nehemiah Griffith Esq, of Rhual, Mold, for the year 1715'
  • 'The 1715 rebellion; letters from John Rutherfoord, Esq, and William Elliott, Esq'
  • E A Fishbourne, 'The church of All saints, Gresford; a guess at its architectural history'
  • J Hall, 'Acton church and Dorfold Hall; a description in 1907'
  • P F A Morrell, 'The parish registers of the parish of Burton'
  • E Barber, 'The S Oswald's reredos; and the frescoes in Chester cathedral'
  • Miscellanea: North Welsh rectors; Roman wall near Pepper gate'
  • Obituary (the late Mr Edward Hodkinson) 
Volume 14 (1908)  
  • F W Longbottom, 'A few notes on the voins of the Potter-Meols collection'
  • H Gollancz, 'The Chester mystery plays'
  • F Sanders, 'The Quakers in Chester under the Protectorate'
  • F Simpson, 'The River Dee'
  • J C Bridge, 'The Cheshire soldiers of fortune of the XIV century: Sir Hugh Calveley; Sir Robert Knolles; Appendix'
  • Notes
  • Obituary (the late Dr Stolterfoth)
Volume 13 (1907)  
  • F Sanders, 'Bishop Chadderton's visitation articles'
  • G W Haswell, 'Notes on Chester street-names past and present (northern section)
  • W E Brown, 'Notes on Chester street-names past and present'
  • W Fergusson-Irvine, 'Notes on the history of St Mary's nunnery'
  • F Sanders, 'John Bird, DD, Bishop of Chester 1541-1554'
  • E Barber, 'Chester cathdral: some details of its architecture often unnoticed'
  • Miscellanea 
Volume 12 (1906)  
  • E Barber, 'Chester cathedral: the Jacobean work'
  • E Barber, 'The churchwardens' accounts of S Martin's, Chester, from 1683 to 1816'
  • W E B Whittaker, 'The Glynnes of Hawarden'
  • Miscellanea
Volume 11 (1905)  
  • E Barber, 'The churchwardens' accounts of the parish of S Bridget, Chester, 1811-1847'
  • F Simpson, 'The "Cheshire Regiment" or 22nd regiment of foot'
  • W E B Whittaker, 'On "Peculiars" with special reference to the "Peculiar" of Hawarden'
  • J C Bridge, 'Horns (Part i)' 
  • J C Bridge, 'Horns (Part ii)'
  • T N Brushfield, 'Reminscences of Ralegh'
  • E Hodkinson, 'Notes on the architecture of Basingwerk Abbey, Flintsthire'
Volume 10 (1904)  
  • Canon Morris, 'Gleanings from the muniment room of the Town Hall of the City of Chester (Stuart period)
  • W Fergusson Irvine, 'Chester in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries; being notes on a number of recently discovered documents relating to the City, dating from the year 1178'
  • E Barber, 'The ancient glass in the church of S Mary-on-the-Hill'
  • E Barber, 'S Werburgh and her shrine'
  • F Sanders, 'George Lloyd, Bishop of Chester 1605-1616'
  • H Taylor, 'The early Chester deeds, 1270-1490'
  • Obituary (His Honour Judge Wynne Ffloukes) 

Volume 9 (1903)  
  • E Barber, ' The cloisters of Chester cathedral', 5–19 
  • J C Bridge, ' Ludlow and the Masque of Comus', 20–45 
  • J C Bridge, 'The Chester miracle plays; some facts concerning them, and the supposed authorship of Ranulph Higden', 59–98 
  • E Barber, 'The south transept of Chester cathedral', 99–114
  • E Barber, 'The discovery of Ranulph Higden's tomb', 115–28 
  • T May, 'Notes on four leaden weights, of supposed Roman origin, in the Grosvenor Museum, Chester', 129–31
Volume 8 (1902)  
  • S Cooper Scott, 'Cotes monument, once set up in St John's church, Chester', 5–17
  • Harrod, H D, 'A defence of the liberties of Chester, 1450',  18–44
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Volume 7 (1900)  
  • F Haverfield, 'Catalogue of the Roman inscribed and sculptured stones in the Grosvenor Museum'
Volume 6 (1899)  

Part is 

  • T N Brushfield, 'The salmon clause in the indentures of apprentices'
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  • R H Morris, 'John Wythines'
  • Obituary
  • Miscellanea
Parts ii-iii  
  • G W Haswell, 'Shocklach churchyard cross'
  • H Taylor, 'On some early deeds relating to the families of Hoton of Hooton and Stanley of Storeton'
  • W H Price and Editor, 'Early marriages in the diocese of Chester'
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  • Miscellanea
  • H Beswick, 'Discovery of remains of a Roman building in Northgate Street, Chester'
  • Anon, 'Cheshire records transcribed from the originals in the Public Record Office'
  • R H Morris, 'Side lights on the Civil War in Cheshire, 1643-5'
  • R Newstead, 'Discovery of Roman remains in Bridge Street, 1899'
Volume 5 (1893-5)  

Part i  

  • F A Hibbert, 'The gild history of Chester'
  • H Taylor, 'The Chester city companies'
  • G W Shrubsole, 'On the Roman earthenware water pipes in the Grosvenor Museum'
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  • H Hughes, 'Plas Mawr, Conway' 
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  • Miscellanea:- J C Bridge, 'The Recorders'; F H Williams, 'A Roman hypocaust'; E W Cox, 'Fragments of a Saxon cross found at West Kirby'; E W Cox, 'Flints found in Wirral'; St Mary's on the Hill; Note on Misericorde 19
  • Obituary
Parts ii and iii  
  • J Romilly Allen, 'The early Christian monuments of Cheshire and Lancashire'
  • G W Shrubsole, 'Gloverstone, Chester'

  • T N Brushfield, 'The Rows of Chester'  
  • E W Cox, 'The origin and date of Chester Rows'
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  • Obituary (J P Earwaker) 
  • Miscellanea:- F Haverfield, 'Squeezes'; J Wiseman, 'Dean of Chester's speech to James II';, 'The Old White Bear Inn'; 'Roman villa, Chester';, 'Old Eastgate';
Part iv  
  • F Haverfield, 'The characteristics of Roman Chester'
  • E W Cox, 'Diserth Castle'
  • H Taylor, 'The history of Diserth Castle'
  • W Fergusson Irvine, 'The Bishop of Chester's visitation book, 1592'
  • H Taylor, 'A transcript of old Chester deeds'
  • Miscellanea:-, 'The Rows of Chester'; 'Old houses in Chester'; 'Assembly Book'; 
Volume 4 (1890/1)  
  • F Sanders, 'Thomas Cartwright DD, Bishop of Chester, 1686 to 1689'
  • J Romilly Allen, 'The early Christian monuments of North Wales'
  • H Taylor, 'The Flintshire militia, with a short biography of Sir Roger Mostyn, Knight and Baronet, its first colonel'
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Volume 3 (1888-90)  
  • W de Gray Birch, 'On some manuscripts, relating to St Werburgh's Abbey, Chester, preserved in the British Museum'
  • J P Earwaker, 'Notes on the registers and churchwardens' accounts of St Michael's, Chester'
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  • W Dallow, 'Notes on the Overchurch runic stone'
  • Proceedings of the session 1888-9:- inter alia, 'Early charters realting to St Werburgh's Abbey'; 'The hundred of Wirral';
  • Proceedings of the session 1889-90:- inter alia, 'The Overchurch runic stone';, 'The Chester minstrels'; 'The life and times of Thomas Cartwright, Bishop of Chester, 1686-89'; 'The hundred of Wirral';, 'Chester music festivals';
Volume 2 (1888)  
  • I M Jones, 'Official report on the discoveries of Roman remains at Chester, during the first repairs to the North wall, in 1887'
  • W Thompson Watkin, 'The Roman inscriptions discovered at Chester, during the first repairs to the North wall, in 1887'
  • W de Gray Birch, 'Notes on a sculptured stone recently found in the North Wall of the City of Chester'
  • E P Loftus Brock, 'The age of the walls of Chester, with references to recent discussions'
  • The discussion of the above paper
  • Mr Brock's reply to the various speakers
  • W de Birch Gray, 'The inscribed Roman stones recently found at Chester, during the second series of repairs to the North Wall'
  • J P Earwaker, 'The ancient parish books of the church of St Mary-on-the-Hill, Chester'
  • H Taylor, 'Notes upon some early deeds relating to Chester and Flint'
  • Proceedings of the session 1887-8:- inter alia T M Lockwood, 'Notes on the architecture & c of the fourteenth century';
Volume 1 (1887)   
  • J P Earwaker. The ancient charters and deeds at High Legh, Cheshire, belonging to Lt-Col H Cornwall Legh, 1–29
  • J Hewitt. Notes on the medieval architecture of Chester, with special reference to the Rows and the crypts, 30-52
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  • G W Shrubsole, 'The traffic between Deva and the coast of North Wales, in Roman times', 76–90
  • W T Ready, 'Description of Roman coins found at Eccleston, near Chester', 91–8
  • Proceedings and papers of the session 1882–3: 

  • A T Bannister, 'Notes on the Roman altar found at Chester in 1648', 132–5 
    [Anon], 'Roman coin found in Flintshire', 136–7 
    J E Bailey, 'Christopher Goodman, Archdeacon of Richmond, rector of Aldford &c', 136–56 
    W Thompson Watkin, 'Letter on the Roman altar found in 1648', 157–8 
  • Proceedings and papers of the session 1883–4

  •   J S Howson, 'Footprints of the Twentieth Roman legion', 165–76 
    G W Shrubsole, 'The City Walls of Chester: is any part of them Roman? 177–98 
  • Proceedings and papers of the session 1884–5

  • A Baker, 'The parish churches of the diocese of St Asaph', 199–202 
    G W Shrubsole, 'Deva: its walls and streets, or Chester in the time of the Romans', 203–16 
    J S Howson, 'Notes on the old Chapter Books of Chester cathedral', 217–20 
    G Preston, 'The Roman streets of Chester', 221–4 
  • Proceedings and papers of the session 1885–6

  • Special Council meetings and vote of condolence on the death of the Very Rev Dean Howson, 225–8 
    General meeting, 7 September  1886, and reorganisation of the Society, 229 
  • Rules of the Society, 229–32
  • List of members, up to May 30th, 1887, 233–7
  • Index, 238
Old Series (Vols 1–3, 1849–1885)
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